Monday, March 31, 2008

So, that was March.

Another show is in the can, folks. In case you missed it, there was time travel, pyschological horror, Memento-style cinematic trickery and a sort of BDSM version of "The Last Unicorn." As always, the Neutrino movie itself is a one time event and has now disappeared into the ether from whence it came. But our pre-show trailers are always available for your viewing pleasure on our youtube page. Check there soon for March's offerings, including Tim Hellendrung's swanky, sophisticated Neutrino Minute, the teaser trailer for this summer's mega-huge action sci-fi blockbuster, and an extended trailer for a taut legal thriller starring the Clooney of Neutrino Twin Cities, Fred Beukema.

That last trailer plus an old favorite, "Growing Up Something," will be screening this coming Monday at the Monday Night Comedy Show's all-video extravaganza. Beat Coffee House, 8pm, $3. It's a kick ass show with lots of comedy short films. Check it one two.