Monday, June 30, 2008

where we're at

Well friends, the NVP:TC is officially on indefinite hiatus as of right now. We had a great show (or so we hear) at the Twin Cities Improv Festival this past weekend, and now we're all off to work on different projects for a while.
It was about this time last year when some of us began planning Neutrino Twin Cities, making our initial test movies on weekends in the afternoon and trying to figure out how the hell you improvise on film. It has been a long and sometimes ridiculous road, bumpy but fun and always challenging. Sincere thanks to everybody who worked hard to make the show happen, and who supported the show by coming to see our BLB run, helping with our press materials and everything else. Here are some people who went above and beyond to help us:
Nisa, John and Scott at Metro, Quinton Skinner, Katie and our friends at the Onion, Butch, our lawyer friends in the IDS Tower, and especially all the Bryant-Lake Bowl staff who put up with the weird format of our show and our late night screenings.
If I'm forgetting anybody, please let me know. We're very grateful to all our peeps.

See you at the movies. :)


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lowry tunnel video hijinx

Mike and I shot footage for a pre-show thingy this evening, and it was freaking FUN. If you don't have money enough to go to Valley Fair, try this for a cheap thrill. Get a camera with a flip out viewscreen and a car with a sun roof. Have a friend drive you around a major highway system during the magic hour while you film through the sun roof, leaning back in the passenger side with the viewscreen tilted down towards you.
When I filmed like this, I involuntarily yelped with terror and then giggled like an idiot. When Mike and I switched places and he held the camera, he went "aahhh, holy crap" and then uttered an emphatic "Oh, MAN."