Thursday, May 8, 2008


Is that the most attention grabbing caption? It's the best I could do at a moment's notice.

Sorry we've been gone for just over a week here. With that...

One BLB show left folks.


Don't miss your chance - go here for tickets. There's going to be a definite change up of the line up (as if April didn't have enough) this month, which always creates chaos and excitement, and that's the way we like it.

A couple new postings are up on the YouTube page. A Qwickticket ad from the mind of James Moore, and a chance to meet the adorable* Troy Zimmerman. Please, check them out, leave a comment, change some lives.

And now, the moment all both of you have been waiting for...Those of us in Neutrino pretty much agree that clips from rehearsals and shows shouldn't be put online because although it's a movie, it's still an improv show first. The exact vibe of that exact audience at that exact time, along with the live music, has as much comedic/emotional impact on the moment as the words and expressions that are coming from our faces do. We feel like by just watching some video clips from the show on your home computer, you're not really getting the whole story, the whole experience, and you, being a judgemental asshole, are judging us incorrectly.

But then there's Cane Man.

Not the funniest thing to ever happen in a NTC show, not the most surprising, or the most whatever. But who are we to rob the world of Cane Man? If we kept it to ourselves then we'd be the assholes. Please, to enjoy...

*Troy genuinely gets mad if we don't refer to him as "adorable"...Rita does too for some reason.


Hannah said...

I sent the cane guy link to my mom and now she's worried about me doing the show. She didn't realize there were crazy people in Minneapolis, or that I had any contact with them, or something.

rita said...

do i get mad if troy isn't referred to as "adorable" or if i am not referred to as "adorable?"
your grammar was vague...

Neutrino said...

You know.